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Ole Smoky White Lightning Moonshine
Ole Smoky White Lightning Moonshine

Ole Smoky White Lightning Moonshine

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Ole Smoky White Lightning Moonshine
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Size: 750ML
Ole Smoky White Lightnin MoonshineA bolt like no other. Ole Smoky White Lightnin Moonshine is just the charge you need to start the night off right. Made with 100% neutral grains intended to be highly mixable, White Lightnin can spark up every cocktail. It adds a more striking shot than those ordinary options like gin or vodka and gives your cocktail the spirit it deserves.We're Appalachian born and bred. The Ole Smoky families are among the first to step foot in the Smoky Mountains. Like other families, we have honed the art of whiskey making in order to survive during tough economic times. We're among friends here, neighbors with folks who have moonshine stories and traditions of their own. We are proud to share some of ours.When Tennessee state law changed to allow the distillation of spirits, we saw an opportunity to showcase the art of superior mountain-made moonshine. Ole Smoky is the first federally licensed distillery in the history of East Tennessee.Like other moonshiners and bootleggers, we know it's considered risky to tell stories of moonshine glory. The consequences of talking back in the day made it something you just didn't do. But those days are gone, and it's hard not to brag when you're makin' & sellin' Ole' Smoky Tennessee Moonshine.

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