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Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon
Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon

Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon

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Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon
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Size: 750ML
Knob Creek 12 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey 100 ProofTheres no faking full bourbon flavor. It has to be earned. So thats what we do in Clermont: we earn it. We start by selecting the finest grains. And we finish by meticulously aging our whiskey in white oak barrels with maximum char, for an unmistakable richness and signature sweetness. Its the natural way. And theres just no cheating nature.When the Prohibition was lifted in 1933, bourbon makers had to start from scratch. Whiskey takes years and years to make, but the drinking ban was overturned overnight. To meet their sudden demand, distillers rushed the process, selling barrels that had hardly been aged. Softer, mild-flavored whiskey became standard from then on. Full flavor was the casualty.But we brought real bourbon back. Over 25 years ago, master distiller Booker Noe set out to create a whiskey that adhered to the original, time-tested way of doing things. He named it Knob Creek. We age every batch in maximum-char barrels to pull every bit of natural sweetness from the oak. Then we bottle it at an uncommonly balanced 100 proof.Knob Creek is whiskey the way its supposed to be: full flavored. We make every drop count so that you can make every minute count.Without ever having to cut any corners.

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