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Kikori Japanese Whiskey
Kikori Japanese Whiskey

Kikori Japanese Whiskey

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Kikori Japanese Whiskey
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Size: 750ML
Kikori WhiskeyDistilled in Japan, and made from 100% rice, Kikori Whiskey is a smooth and welcome newcomer to the whiskey category. Aged for 3+ years in American Oak, French Limousin oak and Sherry casks, Kikori is golden and pure in color with a floral and fragrant aroma and a velvety smoothness to the palate. Kikori Whiskey is pure water, quality ingredients, careful aging, meticulous blending and Japanese attention to detail“all combined to perfection. At 82 proof, Kikori delivers a distinctively different style of whiskey that is memorable, delicate and delicious.Kikori is a Gold Medal winner at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionKUMAMOTO It all starts here. Ideal climate, pure groundwater, and volcanic topography converge in perfect unison in Kumamoto, the birthplace of Kikori. A hidden gem on the island of Kyushu in southern Japan, the people of this region are generous in spirit and humble by nature. The diligent working hands of Kumamoto rice farmers meet seamlessly with the thoughtful traditions of local distillers to create the distinctively drinkable Kikori Whiskey.The heart of Kikori Whiskey is the flavorful, local rice which has been cultivated in southern Japan for over 2000 years. The nutrient-rich, volcanic soil of Kyushu Island is the ideal environment to grow this nutritious and flavorful rice. Japanese rice is widely considered to be among the finest in the world and has been chosen for its distinctive and aromatic profile.If rice is the heart of Kikori, then water is its soul. Recharged by the surrounding mountains and rainforests and filtered through the porous volcanic earth of Kyushu Island, the pristine groundwater that runs under Kumamoto is pure and abundant. This extraordinarily pure mountain water creates the smooth drinkability and balanced flavor of Kikori.Time is our most precious resource and the most important ingredient in Kikori. Pure water swirls and eddies through volcanic rock that took millions of years to form. Rice grows in the rich volcanic loam formed through eons of lava flow and ash deposits. Kikori is expertly distilled and then aged for over three years, absorbing the subtle notes of the oak barrels and evolving into the distinctive, smooth spirit that is Kikori Whiskey. Kikori is that unique spirit that can be equally enjoyed neat, over ice or blended into flavorful cocktails.

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