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Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka
Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka

Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka

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Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka
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Size: 750ML
Journeyman Red Arrow VodkaWith roots in Michigan and in the heart of hard-working American towns, this bottle represents community: the things that keep us connected to our values. Share this along your own journey.Distiller Comments: Named for the local road, the Red Arrow is a great American Highway. Distilled from 100% organic wheat; our Vodka is clean, crisp, and smooth. Perfect for a multitude of cocktails, Red Arrow Vodka is distilled three times to ensure clarity and smoothness.Product Information: At 90 proof our Red Arrow Vodka is great as a mixer and smooth enough to drink neat.Journeyman Distillers takes a grain to glass approach to spirits. The 100% organic wheat is milled on site and the final product is bottled right next to their traditional copper potstill. This vodka is the craft utility tool of your liquor cabinet. At 90 proof, it shines as a mixer but also works on its own in a glass with an ice cube. Sip it slow to enjoy its clean, crisp taste that goes down exceptionally smooth. One sip of this vodka from its classic wax-sealed bottle and youll see why wheat based vodkas are considered the highest tier.

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