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Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

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Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
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Size: 750ML
Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Bourbon WhiskeyBroken Barrel Bourbon features a unique blend of corn, rye, and barley that makes it perfectly balanced to infuse. We taste the Kentucky-distilled bourbon after six months to ensure quality and then move the bourbon into steel tanks. In the latter containers, the batches incorporate our OAK BILL: new French oak, ex-bourbon barrel, and a blend of sherry cask staves. Rich, complex, layered and beyond beautiful, Broken Barrel goes where others wont, and we wouldnt have it any other way.Broken Barrel Bourbon Tasting NotesNose: Intense butterscotch. Hay, lemon and light green fruit like white grapesPalate: Initially there is caramel and oak, followed by vanilla, raspberries and honey, finishing with grainFinish: A creamy silkiness is carried by wood tanninsDistillery InformationThis story all began in a garage. In 2012, young and creative founder Seth Benhaim decided the world was in desperate need of a spirit that offered a natural and simple process that anyone could understand. After experiencing the magic of infused spirits while on vacation, he realized the market lacked such product. So naturally, he decided to be the one to create it...and he did. One year and a few hundred samples of vodka infused with the only natural, real ingredients later, Seth launched Infuse Spirits. Just three months later, Seth (who was then 25 years old) became the youngest brand owner to ever win Best-in-Show and Double-Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Since then, Infuse has continued to work tirelessly and passionately to ensure every bottle of Infuse Spirits, whether its vodka, whiskey, or bitters, is balanced, smooth, and bursting with character and flavor.

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