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Early Times Fire Eater Cinnamon Whiskey
Early Times Fire Eater Cinnamon Whiskey

Early Times Fire Eater Cinnamon Whiskey

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Early Times Fire Eater Cinnamon Whiskey
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Size: 750ML
Early Times Fire Eater Cinnamon Whiskey Discontinued hard to find in stock!Early Times Kentucky whiskey, and recently the brand added its first flavored variety to its lineup. Early Times Fire Eater, as you might expect, joins the increasingly popular category of cinnamon-flavored whiskeys on the market.There isnt a lot of information available about the underlying spirit here lets assume its standard Early Times but it is brought way down to 66 proof and spiced up with cinnamon.The nose is milder than youd expect more candied apple and apple pie than Red Hots. The body builds up the heat a bit here you get the Hot Tamales on the finish, but only after some caramel and Christmas spice notes do their thing.At only 66 proof, Fire Eater barely tastes like whiskey. It barely tastes like booze. Its more like a lightly alcoholic candy, mildly spicy and plenty sweet. Im not a big fan of cinnamon whiskeys as a category, but Fire Eater is as good as any out there.

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