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Daviess County Bourbon Whiskey
Daviess County Bourbon Whiskey

Daviess County Bourbon Whiskey

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Daviess County Bourbon Whiskey
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Daviess County Bourbon WhiskeyBottled by Luxco, owner of Lux Row Distillers, this is a combination of two different mashbills: wheated bourbon and high-rye bourbon, both sourced from within Kentucky. Historically, Kentuckys Daviess County was a center of bourbon distilling, and this brand revives the Daviess County Distilling Co.s original label."Daviess County Distilling Company, with heritage dating back to 1874, was once a prominent distillery in Daviess County, which boasts a long history of distilled spirits and iconic distilleries that helped Kentucky earn its reputation as the home of great bourbons. It was acquired by the Medley Distilling Company in 1901, survived Prohibition, but ultimately the Daviess County brand was shuttered, apparently among others, by what would later be known as Diageo in 1992 when Medley itself was closed by its new owner.The Daviess Country brand was acquired shortly thereafter by David Sherman Corporation in 1993, which in turn became Luxco when it was renamed in 2006. Now and again an old bottle of the Daviess Country whiskey pre-closure is rescued from a dusty retail shelf somewhere, but for the most part it was seemingly dormant for decades. Thats changed now, as Luxco, through its Lux Row Distillers operation, has restored it as a new ultra-premium family of bourbons.

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