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Bacardi Gold Rum
Bacardi Gold Rum

Bacardi Gold Rum

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Bacardi Gold Rum
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Bacardi Gold Rum 750 MLBacardi Gold rum is manufactured in Puerto Rico where it is distilled from fermented molasses. It is then filtered through charcoal and aged in charred oak barrels for between 1 and 2 years.Bacardi's official logo, a fruit bat, dates to 1862 when founder Don Facundo Bacardi found fruit bats living in rafters of the building he bought to house the distillery. Bats are considered an omen of good luck in Cuba and have emblazoned Bacardi rum bottles ever since.BACARD GOLD is expertly crafted by Maestros de Ron BACARD. Its rich flavors and golden complexion are developed in toasted oak barrels and its mellow character comes from being shaped through a secret blend of charcoals.Tasting Notes:BACARD GOLD features rich vanilla, buttery caramel, toasted almond and sweet banana notes with the warm zest of orange peel and a light tasting, oaky finish.

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