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Yellow Rose Bourbon Whiskey Collection
Yellow Rose Bourbon Whiskey Collection

Yellow Rose Bourbon Whiskey Collection

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Yellow Rose Bourbon Whiskey Collection
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Size: 750ML
Yellow Rose Bourbon Whiskey Three bottle CollectionYou will receive the three bottles listed belowYellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon 750 MLYellow Rose Rye Whiskey 750 MLYellow Rose American Whiskey 750 MLYellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon breaks all traditional bourbon laws just like the Outlaws of the old west. Made from 100% corn our recipe produces a sweet flavor we know you will enjoy. Aged in small American oak barrels, Outlaw Bourbon is a full flavored drink with warm caramel and vanilla overtones.True to its name, this one breaks all the traditional bourbon laws. Made from 100% Texas yellow corn and aged in small American oak barrels right here in Houston. The 15-20 degree temperature swings in this part of Texas give our bourbon unique characteristics that can only be achieved here. In fact, our angel share is 15% per year, making our whiskey extremely rare and valuable to us.Outlaw Bourbon is full-flavored with warm caramel and vanilla overtones. Our traditional pot still helps us produce a true small-batch whiskey. One sip and we think youll agree youve never had anything like it.Yellow Rose American Whiskey This perfect mix of southern charm and rustic cowboy style has plenty of heart. Fuller in flavor than typical Canadian blends due to a higher bourbon content, its smooth and slightly sweet. A worthy addition to any top shelf, in Texas or around the world.What we have here is a Houston spin on Canadian Whisky. Some of it is bourbon, some of it is not, and none of it is neutral grain spirit. The whiskey was bottled at 40% ABV.This is a simple, straightforward whiskey, and I must say that although I compared it in a technical sense to Canadian Whisky just now, I like it a lot more than many Canadian blends Ive had in the past. The nose is fruity with apples and citrus, kind of like a fruit juice blend aged in an oak barrel. The body is neither light nor heavy. Yet the finish is absolutely light, as in not carrying much warmth, and goes down almost clear.Its also not mixer-grade. Instead, put it on ice and enjoy a flavorful whiskey.Yellow Rose Blended Whiskey is a fusion of character just like Texas culture. A perfect blend of southern charm and rustic cowboy ensures a smooth drinking whiskey with plenty of heart. Our blended whiskey is fuller flavor than typical Canadian blends due to a higher bourbon content.Yellow Rose Rye Whiskey Enjoy whiskey the way it was before prohibition with this small batch, limited-production spirit. Made from 95% rye, this whiskey is a true American classic perfect for fine cocktails and is completely hand-selected, blended and bottled in Texas.

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