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Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask
Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask

Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask

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Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask
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Size: 750ML
Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask 750 MLWyoming Whiskeys signature Bourbon finished in rare PX casks, and it works.At Wyoming Whiskey they are proud of their state and their spirits. the distillery was founded in 2009 by Kate and Brad Mead and their friend David DeFazio. But they had the help of an experienced guiding hand â€Â Steve Nally, former master distiller at Makers Mark. The first commercial Whiskey was released as a four year old in 2012, but they state that all current Whiskies are a minimum of five years old. Importantly, they state loud and clear that none of their spirits are sourced. Every drop is distilled and aged on site at their facility in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, all the grains are farmed within one hundred miles, and the water comes forma local well sunk into an ancient limestone aquifer. And youve just got to respect that.Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask is just what you think. They take their signature small batch Bourbon aged five years i new charred oak and then finish it for a few extra months in Spanish Sherry casks â€Â in this case that means rare Pedro Ximenez casks. Wood-finished American Whiskies and Bourbons keep coming in and out of fashion, but its a natural pairing and the rare PX casks bring a warm, juicy sweetness to an already exceptional Bourbon. We say buy as many as you can afford.This is a PX sherry cask finish wheated bourbon from our friends at Wyoming Whiskey. This limited edition release spends 5 years in traditional American oak before being finished for less than a year in sweet sherry casks.Whiskey gets its color and character from the cask in which it ages and matures, this double cask whiskey goes through the process twice. The first five years in the barrel make it bourbon. The sherry cask adds a touch of sweetness, and brings out the best in the spirit to deliver superior smoothness and drinkability. Straight up or on ice, twice is nice.Distilled, barreled, and bottled by Wyoming Whiskey. 100 Proof.

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