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Woodford Reserve Holiday Edition 2019
Woodford Reserve Holiday Edition 2019

Woodford Reserve Holiday Edition 2019

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Woodford Reserve Holiday Edition 2019
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Size: 1L
Woodford Reserve Holiday Edition 2019 Bourbon Whiskey One LiterBased in Woodford County, Kentucky, Woodford Reserve began distilling their bourbon whiskey in 1812 in their distillery located just eight miles from the town of Versailles. Over the years, the brand has won countless awards thanks to their exquisite range of premium whiskeys.One of their limited edition releases, the Woodford Reserve Holiday Edition is the most recent iteration of their special annual bottling of their famed Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Made from a traditional bourbon mash consisting of corn, rye, and malted barley, the bourbon is aged in new American oak barrels for at least 6 years before being bottled at a hearty 90.4 proof. And to ensure that you won't run dry before you want to, this limited edition bourbon comes in a 1 Liter bottle.On the nose, the bourbon carries the brands characteristic thick and pleasing aroma accented with notes of honey, cocoa, vanilla cream, butterscotch, toasty oak, and subtle smoke. The palate brings more cheer with rich and creamy notes of espresso beans, winter spice, sweet cereal, ginger, almond oil, rum, and a generous helping of rye spiciness all tied together with a long finish of mature cereal and oak.Like its predecessors, its packaged in a beautiful collectors bottle featuring stunning artwork depicting the distillery in winter. A perfect bottle to add to your collection or to enjoy by the fire alongside good company, dont wait for the first snows to fall and get a bottle of Woodford Reserve Holiday Edition today!45.2% ABV or 90.4 ProofAged for at least 6 years in new American oak casksPackaged in a beautiful collectors bottle

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