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Westland Whiskey Sampler

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Westland Whiskey Westland Single Malt Whiskey Collection Westland Sherry Wood Whiskey Seattles Westland Distillery may be the countrys foremost producer of American single-malt whiskey, especially considering its most recent releases.
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Size: 200ml
Westland Sampler Set 3x200ML Hard to find in stock!Recently named World Craft Producer of the Year by Whisky Magazine at the 2016 Icons of Whisky Awards, Westland Distillery introduces the Core Range Collection “ a set of 200ml bottles of each award-winning signature single malt expression: American Oak, Sherry Wood and Peated.Our Core Range 200ml triple pack is a wonderful introduction to Westlands American Single Malt Whiskies, showcasing three unique variations on our house style, says Matt Hofmann, Westlands Master Distiller, who was named to Forbes list of 30 Under 30 Tastemakers in January 2106. It also makes for the perfect gift, when you just cant decide which one of our whiskies you want to give.The Westland Distillery Core Range CollectionWestland American Oak Single Malt Whiskey* 95 Points, Jim Murrays 2015 Whisky Bible* 2015 Gold Medal, American Distilling InstituteThe initial nose provides lemon and orange custard backed by freshly produced waffle cone. Shortly after, a rich creaminess emerges with creme brule and chocolate custard while a hint of jasmine hides just beneath the surface. The first sip confirms the creamy and rich fruit custard notes of the nose, adding an element of rainier cherries. After five minutes, melting swiss chocolate is revealed with a hint of almond. Extended tastings brings out bananas and cream with Turkish coffee.Westland Sherry Wood American Single Malt Whiskey* 2015 Double Gold Medal, Best of Category, American Distilling Institute* 2015 Double Gold, Best Craft Whiskey, San Francisco World Spirits CompetitionThe nose offers immediate richness, with honey-dipped oatmeal raisin cookies. Maple syrup follows close behind, drizzled over banana pancakes. The palate initially offers some kiwi with more maple and raisin syrup notes. Extended tastings offers a dazzling array of sweet cookies and pastries, getting darker and richer with time before eventually ceding the palate to stewed yellow fruits on the finish.Westland Peated American Single Malt Whiskey* 2015 Whiskey of the Year, Best of Class, American Distilling Institute* 2015 Gold Medal, 94 Points, Beverage Tasting InstituteThe nose starts off with a background of nuttiness accompanied by smoldering moss and flamed orange peel. The peat leaps from the palate, expressing campfire notes, iodine, and roasted pistachios. With time, the smoldering moss on the nose evolves into burning embers and roasted plantains. The palate also transitions over time, moving towards significant earth notes, green herbs and increasing iodine towards the finish.Malted barley is the most complex and flavorful grain used to make whiskey. For centuries, single malt whiskies have been considered solely the domain of Scotland. But a new category of single malt is taking root. One that offers us the chance to make a mark in the world of whiskey. It must be led by your own ideas, done on your own terms and realized through your own hard work. Here in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, we are graced with world-class natural ingredients. Those ingredients inspire us to pursue our own unique American-style single malt to rival the finest whiskies in the world. With each expression we work to create something that both honors the traditions of distilling that we admire and adds something worthwhile at the same time. Something new and distinctly American. The character of our malt provides a wealth of flavor profiles for our whiskies. Regardless of the individual expression, every whiskey at Westland Distillery is underscored by our house style “ a sweetness and ease on the palate accompanied by a fruity and complex but ultimately grain-focused finish worthy of its place in this new world.

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