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Sonoma Bourbon Whiskey
Sonoma Bourbon Whiskey

Sonoma Bourbon Whiskey

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Sonoma Bourbon Whiskey
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Sonoma Bourbon WhiskeyAdam Spiegel was born and raised in San Francisco. From a young age, he experienced the bounty that Sonoma County offers through regular visits to the area with his parents. He fondly recalls trips to its beaches, attending concerts, and tagging along on wine tastings.In 2008, he found his passion for creating spirits while assisting a distiller friend in Santa Rosa Sonoma Distilling Company was founded in 2010 as one of the first 200 distilleries in the United States.While working with great Master Distillers and Blenders over the years, Ive honed my skills to continually raise the bar with each new product and batch. There are no Masters here per se; were just regular people striving every day to better ourselves and our craft. I like to say were making whiskeys in a small way for a big world."” Adam Spiegel, Founder & Whiskey maker, Sonoma Distilling CompanyCopper Pot StillsWeve chosen to use hand-made, copper pot stills for distillation. Though our old-world style of production is labor intensive and requires we distill twice, its through this care in our process that we find a distinction in the end product: a beautifully viscous and high ester-driven spirit.Grain to GlassGrain to Glass is our focus at Sonoma Distilling Company. Every level of production is handled in-house, including the milling, mashing and fermentation of grains, hand-made copper alembic pot distillation, American oak barrel aging, bottling and labeling.We are steeped in traditional values but fueled by modern taste. We source only the finest non-GMO California grains and smoke our malted barley locally in Petaluma with California Cherrywood. Through a mindful approach, hard work, and time-honored techniques, we pledge our enduring commitment to producing world-class whiskeys. We are Californias whiskey.Whiskey Type Wheated Bourbon ABV 46% 92 ProofMash Bill70% CornOrigin: California and Canada25% WheatOrigin: California and Canada5% Malted BarleyOrigin: WyomingAgedA minimum of fifteen monthswith majority of blends above two yearsFlavor ProfileToasted Vanilla, Almond,Toffee Brittle, and Coffee

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