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San Diego Distillery Bourbon Whiskey
San Diego Distillery Bourbon Whiskey

San Diego Distillery Bourbon Whiskey

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San Diego Distillery Bourbon Whiskey
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Size: 750ML
San Diego Distillery Bourbon Whiskey 750ML92 proof Bourbon carries a mammoth portion of Vienna barley that rounds out a lively corn mash with exotic malt essence. Hints of vanilla bean, rose buds and caramel candy on the nose, finishing with shades of resinous oak.Trent T. Founder and Distiller:Trent has been a homebrewer of craft beer for over 15 years, starting with a standard extract kit, then working his way up to all-grain brewing. Trent has much experience in brewing, including assisting on a 7-barrel system at a local brew pub and being involved in their recipe formulation. Trent began to take an interest in distilling in 2012, after trying peated Scotch whiskey for the first time (Lagavulin 16). In 2014, Trent and Maria, along with his partners established San Diego Distillery. Our focus of distilling is to merge the world of craft beer with the world of craft whiskey. We use many non-standard malts in our recipes, but are common in the beer-brewing process. Using our specialized on-grain fermentation and distilling methods, the end result is a very unique set of whiskies.Maria T. Co-Founder and Blender:Since moving to San Diego from Pittsburgh, PA, Maria has been an avid enthusiast in the city's craft beer culture. She later began to experience various other libations including whiskey and local wine. In 2014, Maria, along with her husband Trent, founded San Diego Distillery, and chose to specialize in making whiskey. Maria oversees the barrel blending program at the distillery including selection of superior barrels for special releases. She frequently runs the still along with managing many other aspects of the business.

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