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Russian Standard Gold Vodka
Russian Standard Gold Vodka

Russian Standard Gold Vodka

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Russian Standard Gold Vodka
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Russian Standard Gold Vodka 750 MLRussian Standard Vodka is a major Russian premium vodka brand. The brand was introduced as the " Russian Standard " vodka in 1998 by the Russian Standard company of Roustam Tariko. The Russian Standard, later called Original, vodka established the brand as one of the top premium vodka brands in the Russian market. Its new Russian, Soviet-free identity, turned nusually for a premium beverage an advantage in the rapidly developing market of the 1990s Russia.Two years after a successful Russian market launch, international expansion was started. This was accompanied by the launch of Russian Standard Platinum product in 2001 and the luxury brand Imperia in 2004. The original product was re-christened Original.Production of the Russian Standard Original is based on a four-tier protocol1.mashing and fermenting2.distillation and rectification3.filtration and relaxation4.bottling and packaging.Higher-end products add more purification steps.Winter grains from Russian Steppes are milled and fermented. The raw spirit is distilled four times for the Original and Platinum variants while the Imperia spirit is distilled eight times. However, this is not a potato based vodka.The spirits are blended with a glacier water from Lake Ladoga. Proximity of Lake Ladoga was one of the main reasons for the company's decision to establish its distillery in Saint Petersburg. The lake's underground sources provide one of the softest waters naturally available.The product is then filtered four times through charcoal. Platinum receives two more filtrations through silver and Imperia two more filtrations through quartz from the Ural Mountains.After final filtration, the spirits spend 48 hours in relaxation tanks, are bottled and packaged. As a quality vodka contains only water and ethanol, it generally does not mature or age and its shelf life is limited only by packaging.

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