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Pallini Liqueur Collection
Pallini Liqueur Collection

Pallini Liqueur Collection

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Pallini Liqueur Collection
Item Number: Pallini-Liqueur-Collection
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Size: 750ML
Pallini Liqueur CollectionYou will receive the three bottles listed belowPallini Limoncello Lemon Liqueur 750 MLPallini Raspicello Raspberry Liqueur 750 MLPallini Peachcello White Peach Liqueur 750MLPallini Limoncello is a natural liqueur that has been crafted by the Pallini family in Italy since 1875. It is made from prized, Sfusato lemons, exclusive to the Amalfi coast. The handpicked lemons are infused immediately, so their freshness and flavor is delivered in every bottle. Its versatility is almost endless “ enjoy it neat, on the rocks, straight from the fridge, or mixed into cocktails and food recipes.Pallini Raspicello Raspberry Liqueur Pallini Raspicello is based on a simple recipe for raspberry liqueur. The recipe was enhanced adding blueberries and black currants, grown in the rugged mountainous Abruzzi region of Italy in order to soften the flavor of the wild raspberries. The perfect blend of these berries is the secret to the bouquet and complex taste for Pallini Raspicello.Pallini Peachcello White Peach Liqueur A peach liqueur made from luscious white peaches grown in the verdant orchards of Emilia Romagna. Only peaches that have reached their peak of flavor are used to make this liqueur. Its exquisite bouquet creates a sense of Italian summertime anytime, anywhere!Pallini Peachcello is made with luscious white peaches from Italys flourishing orchards, which are picked at their peak of flavor to create an exquisite liqueur with a heady bouquet.

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