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Naranja Orange Liqueur
Naranja Orange Liqueur

Naranja Orange Liqueur

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Naranja Orange Liqueur
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Naranja Orange Liqueur One Liter Hard to find in stock!NARANJA is the secret ingredient necessary to make the finest, most authentic, smooth and delicious Mexican Margarita. For nearly a century this Orange Liqueur was only available in Mexico, but now the secret is out and available everywhere under the name NARANJA!Pura Vida Tequila Company has acquired the exclusive rights to export Mexicos top-selling ultra-premium reserve, extra-fine orange liqueur.Naranja is produced by La Madrilea, brand owner of Controy, the original creator of the Mexican orange liqueur. Milestone Brands plans to relaunch Naranja in January 2018.The firm signed a long-term production agreement with La Madrilea, and acquired brand rights from Stewart Skloss and Pura Vida. Skloss, chairman of Pura Vida, will retain a minority position in the Naranja brand.Maintaining its original recipe, the orange liqueur and Margarita story date back to 1941 in Ensenada, Mexico, when Don Carlos Orozco used the spirit to make a drink for Margarita Henkel, daughter of a German ambassador.The orange liqueur is described as having a fine balance of bitter and sweet, and is recommended served in Mexican cocktails.As the Tequila category continues to grow, we feel Naranja will play a significant role using a recipe and package that speak to the heritage of Mexico, said Eric Dopkins, founder and CEO of Milestone Brands.We will be proud to spread the message that authentic Margaritas must use ingredients from Mexico.Skloss added: Im thrilled about the acquisition for this truly authentic brand and look forward to supporting the Milestone team on Naranjas projected growth.

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