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Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur
Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur

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Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur
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Mozart Dark Chocolate The Bittersweet Dark Chocolate LiqueurWhen bitter chocolate, vanilla, and caramel meet with the smoky and tart notes of noble cacao plants, a unique Austrian specialty is formed.Mozart Dark Chocolate Liqueur is a beautifully blended and bittersweet liqueur that can be enjoyed neat, in cocktail recipes, or even in dessert recipes.When dark chocolate, vanilla and caramel are combined with the smoky, bitter notes of the finest cocoa beans, it creates a bittersweet, sophisticated drink with a lingering finish “ the intensive flavour of this genuine Salzburg speciality explains why Mozart Dark Chocolate is a delight for all gourmets.Delicately bitter dark chocolate and 87 cocoa pure cocoa macerate are blended to create a unique chocolate liqueur that is a must-have ingredient for creative cocktail-making, as well as a sophisticated addition to certain desserts.The cocoa used for Mozart Dark Chocolate is a mixture of forastero and trinitario beans from West Africa, to which genuine Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar is added. The chocolate liqueur contains cocoa macerate, vanilla macerate, caramel and sugar beet distillate.The different cocoas and the Bourbon vanilla are macerated in the middle cut of beet sugar distillate. To produce a well-rounded flavour, part of the cocoa macerate used is stored for two years in wooden barrels.Macerating is used in the production of Mozart chocolate spirits, rather than conching. A long maceration process to draw out the aromas is critical to the final flavour.

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