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Mocambo Solera Rum
Mocambo Solera Rum

Mocambo Solera Rum Anejo Aged 6 Years 750 ML

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Size: 750ml
Mocambo Solera Rum Anejo Aged 6 Years 750 ML rare has been discontinued by Mocambo.One of a few rums made in the Solera method, whereby rum's of different ages are kept separate and left to mature in oak. The rums mellow with age, and the younger rums are periodically blended into some of the older rums until the desired aging and flavor is achieved.The "Solera System" is most prevalent among the Spanish speaking rum producers. This method allows the quick removal of rough edges from the rum than does the single barrel methods. The rum in the bottom tier is the Solera, or the eldest of the rum. All of the rows above are the criadera or the younger rums in the system. The entire stock of the rums in the Solera system is aged at an over proof level and then cut to the proper strength when bottled. It is estimated on average that rum spends 6 years in the solera system, but because the "mother rum" never leaves the system, the age is really difficult to assess.There are many years of aging involved in making great rum, and the solera is a great way to shorten the actual aging of the rums and allowing the rum producer to get the rum to market sooner. Because some of the "mother rum" never leaves the solera, the actual age of the rum can not be published, but the effeciency of the system leaves no doubt that the rum is on a par with rums that have spent much more time in single barrels.

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