1. Mocambo Rum 20 Years Single Barrel 750 ML
Mocambo Rum
Mocambo Rum

Mocambo Rum 20 Years Single Barrel 750 ML

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Mocambo Rum 20 Years Single Barrel 750 ML Art Edition Limited with neck tag..A true collector's item, the Mocambo Single Barrel 20 year old Art Edition is an exquisite and masterful expression of Mexico's finest aged rums, with fine character and smooth mature taste.The rum itself is finely crafted and the bottle stands alone in it's unique appearance, covered in a web of natural fiber from the Amate tree. Each bottle is a singular piece of art fashioned by noted Mexican artist Victor Fernandez Limon, numbered with a designation of the original barrel in which it matured.This full-bodied spirit of deep amber color is notably viscous. The nose suggests sweet earthy spices and caramel. Flavors of smoky peat, vanilla, almond and dried fruits produce a big warm blossom on the palette. The finish is quite long, a bit sweet and very warm.Mocambo rums are aged in old European white oak barrels in Veracruz.

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