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Massenez Williams Pear Brandy
Massenez Williams Pear Brandy

Massenez Williams Pear Brandy

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Massenez Williams Pear Brandy
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Size: 750ML
Massenez Williams Pear BrandyBright, fresh and delicate, this Williams pear eau-de-vie offers plenty of fresh-cut pear essence on the nose and palate, finishing long and lightly sweet, with a flicker of alcohol heat. The pear flavor is pure and beautifully expressed, making this ideal as an after-dinner palate cleanser. 95 Points Wine EnthusiastBorn in a family of distillers, G. E. Massenez continues the traditional art of distilling eaux de vie (fruit brandies) which is still particularly alive in the Vill region on Alsace. Since the distillation of high quality eaux de vie is not really consistent with today's industrialized practices, G. E. Massenez has chosen to retain traditional methods and to combine them with the requirements of modern production. Only the best fruit is selected and stored in large fermentation vats prior to distillation according to the rules of this age old art.

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