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Macallan Scotch Edition No.4
Macallan Scotch Edition No.4

Macallan Scotch Edition Number 4

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Macallan Scotch Edition No.4
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Macallan Limited Edition No. 4 The Macallan highlights "the celebration of The Macallan's whisky making heritage" in its Edition series. Released in summer 2018, Edition No. 4 focuses on the brand's commitment to wood management and its role in the creation of The Macallan. 

Seven different types of sherry casks are used in this no-age statement whisky. They are as follows (proper names refer to sherry cooperages): refill European & American oak butts; refill European & American oak hogsheads; first-fill American oak Vasyma hogsheads; first-fill European oak Diego Martin Rosado butts; first-fill European oak Jose y Miguel Martin butts; first-fill European oak Tevasa butts/puncheons; first-fill European Tevasa hogsheads.The fourth release in this innovative annual Series, Edition No.4 embodies the craftsmanship and pioneering design of the new Macallan Distillery and demonstrates the mastery of whisky making since 1824. As we enter an exciting new era, this limited edition marks the coming together of our history and new horizons in the creation of two structural masterpieces: a remarkable whisky and a magnificent new distillery.

The fourth entry in the Edition range, this release focuses on the structure of the distillery's trademark weighty style, as well as celebrating the opening of Macallan's incredible new distillery. It is a well-balanced dram, constructed to show the best of each cask type selected to create the whisky: European and American oak refill butts and hogsheads, as well as butts, puncheons and hogsheads specifically from Vasmya, Diego Martin, Jose y Miguel Martin and Tevasa. Like preceding releases, transparency prevails in Edition No.4 as it continues to explore our approach to whisky making, showcasing the skills of our whisky makers and revealing the specific role of oak casks in the creation of the Macallan. 

With each cask bringing different dimensions and imparting its own influence, this single malt delivers surprising aromas and character. Crafted from a combination of European and American oak casks, Edition No.4 presents a zesty, vibrant and invigorating single malt of rounded honey, sweet toffee and citrus fruits. This is a distinctive whisky that pushes the boundaries of our innovation, reflecting the passion, traditions and craftsmanship that goes into the art of the perfect cask selection.Tasting Notes"The Macallan Edition No. 4's loaded sherry heritage is revealed instantly with walnuts and prunes, citrus peels, apple slices dripping with clover honey, and a dose of rancio funk on the nose. The palate is all rich, sweet sherry upfront, followed by orange zest, spicy oak, and milk chocolate. The finish is drier, with tingly black pepper, astringent oak, and dark chocolate, and finally more citrus, sherry, and fruit in the background. One big sherry bomb all the way through."The nose is bold and rounded with honey and sweet apples atop orange zest, ginger, nutmeg and polished oak. The palate has rich nutmeg and wood spice to the fore, with sweet vanilla emerging to coat the mouth, before a fruity oak finish.

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