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Level Vodka
Level Vodka

Level Vodka by Absolut Vodka

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Level Vodka is Absolut's ultra premium vodka 750 ML Discontinued Hard to Find! It was launched in 2004 and is made from winter wheat. It is incredibly smooth, and was launched as a direct competitor to France's popular Grey Goose. Some would argue that Absolut has responded too late.
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Level Vodka by Absolut Vodka 750 ML Discontinued Hard to Find! Level is Absolut's ultra premium vodka, it was launched in 2004 and is made from winter wheat. It is incredibly smooth, and was launched as a direct competitor to France's popular Grey Goose. Some would argue that Absolut has responded too late to the super premium vodka category launching it in 2004, when other like Skyy and Grey Goose have several years head start.Level Is Achieved By A Proprietary Combination Of Continuous And Batch Distillation To Form A Perfect Balance Of Smoothness And Character. A New Level Of Vodka. V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS announces the launch of Level, a new vodka of the highest quality. Level is the perfect balance of smoothness and character, which is achieved by a unique combination of two distillation methods, a new level of vodka. "Level is our long-awaited entry into the vibrant super-premium vodka segment in the US," said Bengt Baron, president, V&S ABSOLUT SPIRITS. "The innovative combination of distillation methods delivers a unique product with refined taste. We are confident consumers will agree Level was worth the wait." For the first time, a vodka is being produced by combining two distillation methods. This production process involves continuous distillation, which distills the vodka hundreds of times to ensure unparalleled smoothness, and batch distillation, where the vodka is produced batch-by-batch in pot stills under the attentive eye of expert distillers, which results in Levels refined taste. "Level is produced in Ahus, Sweden, to ensure it is of the highest quality, but it is a truly different product with its own identity," said Baron. "One taste and consumers will see it is a completely new level of vodka." The name Level communicates the vodka's point of difference the perfect balance of smoothness and character. This positioning also extends to the bottle, which is frosted, tall and slim with perfectly balanced proportions. It has a heavy base, and its front features a small silhouette of the ABSOLUT bottle.The Absolut brand was created by Lars Ollsson Smith in 1879, when he sold a new variant of vodka using a different distillation process. In 1917, the vodka industry was nationalised by the Swedish government. The brand lingered for several decades like many state run enterprises. Then in 1979, the Absolut brand was reinstated, to market a new premium range of vodka. The production and bottling of Absolut takes place in hus Nbbelv in Sweden. This new range took off in popularity, thanks in large part to its classic advertising campaign, which became internationally renowned, and became a huge international success. Its marketing success showed that positioning was vital, in that the brand successfully crafted a niche the premium vodka category, one that never existed before. Absolut has enjoyed huge success in the market for premium vodka and is now the worlds number one premium vodka brand. Acquired by the well known Pernod Ricard in 2008In 2004, in an attempt to create a super premium brand of vodka, Absolut launched its latest brand Level. To the chagrin of many vodka aficionados, Absolut believed it could create a premium brand of vodka, and command a super-premium price. Their Absolut Level brand is marketed as being extra pure. Absolute Level was launched in a slim, frosted tall bottle, which retained the silhouette of the iconic Absolut bottle. Level is an elongated version of the classic bottle design with a heavy base but has a more fresh, fruity and distinctive flavour than competitors offerings. Central to the firms strategy is avoiding cannibalisation between the Absolut and Level brands. A bottle of Level would sell in the US for $30 a bottle, whereas Absolut would sell for $20 a bottle. It utilises the catch-line of the perfect blend of smoothness and character. So people want to think they are buying the best, and use price, and the quality of the packaging as their primary inference into the quality of the product.

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