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Laird's Apple Brandy 100 Proof
Laird's Apple Brandy 100 Proof

Laird's Apple Brandy 100 Proof

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Laird's Apple Brandy 100 Proof William Laird, a County Fyfe Scotsman, emigrated from Scotland in 1698 and settled in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Believed to be a distiller by trade, he applied his skills to the most abundant natural resource.
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Lairds Apple Brandy 100 ProofLairds is one of the oldest distilleries in the United States dating from 1698. They use whole, tree ripened apples and naturally occurring yeasts to produce their product which is fermented, pot distilled, then aged in charred oak barrels.The process to make Applejack is started at the peak of the apple harvest, in early September. This insures the quality and sweetness of the apples are at their peak. Applejack production utilizes a huge volume of fresh apples each year. It takes 7,000 pounds of apples to produce one fifty gallon barrel of Apple Brandy. As a result, Laird & Company uses several millions of pounds of apples every year. Translated into "consumer size" packaging, a 750ml bottle of Laird's Blended Applejack contains six pounds of apples, a 750ml bottle of Laird's Straight Old Apple Brandy contains sixteen pounds of apples, and a 750ml bottle of Laird's 100 proof Brandy contains twenty pounds of apples!After the apples are harvested, they are carefully inspected, washed, and pressed into pure, sweet apple juice. This juice is then transferred to 20,000 gallon temperature controlled fermenter tanks, where the juice is allowed to ferment naturally (no yeast cultures or starters are employed).The fermentation process converts the natural sugars into alcohol, and can require from seven to thirty days, depending on the ambient temperature. The fermentation process is monitored constantly, until the sugars in the apple must have been converted into alcohol. The fermented juice, is then pumped to the combination pot/column still, and distillation proceeds. The distilled product comes off of the still at approximately 160 proof. This proof level insures that maximum flavor and aroma are maintained in the distilled Brandy. Currently, all apple distillation is done at our plant in North Garden, Virginia. The apple orchards surrounding our plant in the fertile Shenandoah Valley and environs, supply our apple needs each harvest season.The fresh distillate, or Apple Brandy, is then cut with pure water to approximately 130 proof and transferred into fifty gallon, charred oak barrels for aging. During the aging process, the brandy is periodically checked for taste and aroma to insure that high quality standards are maintained.

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