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Jameson Whiskey Makers Series
Jameson Whiskey Makers Series

Jameson Whiskey Makers Series

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Jameson Whiskey Makers Series
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Size: 750ML
Jameson Whiskey Makers Series Three bottle CollectionYou will receive the three bottles listed belowJameson Distiller's Safe Irish Whiskey 750 MLJameson Blenders Dog Irish Whiskey 750 MLJameson Coopers Croze Irish Whiskey 750 MLThe Jameson Distillers Safe Irish Whiskey is the youngest expression in the series and celebrates the brands Head Distiller Brian Nation by showcasing Nations mastery of the Irish pot still. The whiskey is a mix of three different styles namely grain, small batch grain, and small batch pot still, all of which are matured in American oak casks and fine-tuned in an important apparatus called a "spirit safe" to create its distinctive distillate-driven flavor profile hence the name Distillers Safe.The Blenders Dog is the creation of Irish Distillers master blender Bill Leighton. Its a blend of whiskeys, presumably grain, malt, and pot still, between five and twelve years old, that have matured in a variety of casks. Whereas the Coopers Croze showcased the effects of barrel on a whiskey, and the Distillers Safe highlighted the distillate character, the Blenders Dog is all about creating harmony between the different types of whiskey, types of cask, and different ages of whiskey..Were not sure if our Head Blender, Billy Leighton, has a musical note in his head, but harmony is his main pursuit. The Blenders Dog is a whiskey that celebrates his craft, the art of marrying whiskeys. A superbly balanced, complex whiskey, The Blenders Dog is a perfect balance of spirit, wood, and time; delivering butterscotch sweetness with a prickle of spice and tannins. Making whiskey requires a fair deal of science, but blending is an art.Jameson Coopers Croze is a limited release of super-premium Irish whiskey, the first of a new series that features three different blends, each developed by a master craftsman to highlight a specific part of the whiskey-making process. Each bottle in the Whiskey Makers Series is named after the favorite tool of the respective craft. A croze is a tool that is used by the cooper to make the groove in the lid of the cask.Curated by fifth-generation head cooper Ger Buckley, Jameson The Coopers Croze is designed to showcase the characteristics imparted by the barrels, as well as the important role played by the cooper in the whiskey making process. Ive created Jameson The Coopers Croze to show the versatility and profound influence barrels have on distinct whiskey flavors, said Buckley. Barrel making transcends generations, as Ive used the same methods and tools passed down from my grandfather, thats the beauty of the craft.What is The Whiskey Makers Series?The Whiskey Makers Series is a celebration of craft and crafters. We wanted to honour the dedication of our masterful craftsmen. They wanted to create a whiskey that reflected their passion for their individual trades.The ultimate collaborative effort resulted in three great tasting whiskeys, made by our Head Distiller, our Head Cooper and our Head Blender, collectively known as the makers.

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