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Jameson Distiller's Safe Irish Whiskey
Jameson Distiller's Safe Irish Whiskey

Jameson Distiller's Safe Irish Whiskey

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Jameson Distiller's Safe Irish Whiskey
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Jameson The Distillers Safe Irish WhiskeyThe Jameson Distillers Safe Irish Whiskey is the youngest expression in the series and celebrates the brands Head Distiller Brian Nation by showcasing Nations mastery of the Irish pot still. The whiskey is a mix of three different styles namely grain, small batch grain, and small batch pot still, all of which are matured in American oak casks and fine-tuned in an important apparatus called a "spirit safe" to create its distinctive distillate-driven flavor profile hence the name Distillers Safe.Each dram of this artisanal Irish whiskey begins with a nose of floral sweetness, green apple, pear, fresh vanilla, nuts, fresh herbs, toasty spices and licorice followed by a fruity palate brimming with notes of mandarin, lemon, citrus accented by clove, nuts, and malty cereal that finally gives way to a sugary finish of apricot, almond, and orange peel.The Distillers Safe is Whiskey that celebrates the craft of Jameson's Head Distiller, Brian Nation, and his mastery of the Irish pot still. Named after the instrument that allows Brian to fine tune a whiskeys style. The safe allows him to sample whats going on inside the still, a confirmation of quality at every turn. The Distillers Safe is relatively unaffected by the influence of oak. One sip speaks volumes about the beautiful complexity created by a pot still.Another in the excellent Jameson Whiskey Makers Series. This bottle celebrates the hard work of their Head Distiller, Brian Nation. The bottling focuses on the spirit safe, a tool that looks somewhat like a cabinet, which allows distillers to judge the quality of the spirit coming off the still without running the risk of adulterating it with contact. This wonderful Jameson whiskey highlights the character of the spirit itself, with a delicious grassy, cereal style, alongside floral notes and fresh, crisp oak flavours. A tremendous whiskey from Irelands most famous distillery, all the better for being bottled free from any chill filtration.NOSEFrom floral perfume, through fresh herbs, to lively spices, this special selection of distillates shows how the subtle delicate sweet notes of Irish grain whiskey can complement the more robust character of the Irish pot still whiskey.TASTEStarts off with barley sugar sweetness, progressing to hints of cinnamon and even a touch of licorice. A vibrant note of mandarin orange appears alongside the nuttiness of ground almond.FINISHStays light and zesty, with barley making a late appearance.What is The Whiskey Makers Series?The Whiskey Makers Series is a celebration of craft and crafters. We wanted to honour the dedication of our masterful craftsmen. They wanted to create a whiskey that reflected their passion for their individual trades.The ultimate collaborative effort resulted in three great tasting whiskeys, made by our Head Distiller, our Head Cooper and our Head Blender, collectively known as the makers.

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