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Jack Daniel's Legacy Limited Edition Bottle
Jack Daniel's Legacy Limited Edition Bottle

Jack Daniel's Legacy Limited Edition Bottle

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Jack Daniel's Legacy Limited Edition Bottle
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Size: 750ML
Jack Daniels Legacy EditionJack Daniels is known for being a well-crafted, smooth sippin Tennessee Whiskey. You dont last for over 150 years if youre not a quality product, after all. Theyve become known for something else along the way too: their iconic black and white label. But what people may not know is that the history of their label wasnt always so black and white.Some time before 1904 their bottles were a rather unexpected shade of green with an eye-catching gold trim. And as unusual as that may seem, its just one of the many labels in Old No. 7s past. You have to be patient to make whiskey, and it seems that Jack took his time landing on the tried-and-true black label we know today. This is the first in Jack Daniel's series of Legacy Edition Bottles. Each label they release will celebrate the unique, slightly mysterious history of Old No. 7. Bottled 86 Proof.The Jack Daniel's Legacy Whiskey First Edition bottle is produced in order to commemorate the very first, the original Jack Daniels Tennesee Whiskey. You see, it wasn't that black-and-white bottle all along. And eventhough it was kind of unusual for its whiskey rivals, their bottles sported that unexpected shade of green with touches of gold back in 1904. And so, the distillery decided to recreate these bottlings most especially for the Jack fans who would love to pay tribute to its colorful history.The Jack Daniels Legacy Series First Edition bottle features a deep orange amber-colored liquid that has a fragrant nose that'll invite you with scents of orchard fruit, toast, and cinnamon. And of course, as Jack Daniels is known worldwide for being a well-crafted smooth sippin' whiskey, this limited edition will give you all that plus more. It has a medium-bodied yet perfectly balanced mouthfeel filled with flavors of vanilla, caramel, toasted oak, and a hint of dark chocolate. Then, it leaves your palate with a delightful creamy finish.Jack Daniels Old No.7 is the classic standard of the famous Tennessee whiskey brand of Brown-Forman and the label shows up in a familiar black and white on the bottles. But this hasnt been this way all the time. Like other whiskey brands Jack Daniels has varied the design throughout its more than 150 years of history. With the new series Legacy Edition Brown-Forman wants to present different labels that Jack Daniels has seen during the years. The first edition of the series shows a green label and an identically colored packaging.Brown-Forman doesnt give any information about the exact point of time when this green Jack Daniels label was in use, but we learn that the golden medal that had been awarded to the product at the 1904 Saint Louis Worlds Fair. So, the green label with its red and golden elements must have been created years before. Further on detailed information as for example how many of those limited releases have been bottled and how many of them are available.The outer appearance differs, the whiskey is the same like in the classic Old No. 7, it was bottled with 43% ABV. The Jack Daniels Legacy Edition is probably directed by fans among the renewed by collectors and Tennessee whiskey fans. Those who belong to this group will therefore be exited to get their hands on one of these bottles.

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