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J Wray & Nephew Jamaica Rum Collection
J Wray & Nephew Jamaica Rum Collection

J Wray & Nephew Jamaica Rum Collection

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J Wray & Nephew Jamaica Rum Collection
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Size: 750ML
J Wray & Nephew Jamaica Rum Collection Three bottle Rum CollectionJ Wray & Nephew Silver Jamaica Rum 750MLJ Wray & Nephew Gold Jamaica Rum 750MLWray & Nephew Overproof White Jamaica Rum 750MLThe history of J. Wray and Nephew began in 1825 when company founder John Wray opened 'The Shakespeare Tavern' in Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston grew steadily and eventually became Jamaica's capital in 1877, and The Shakespeare Tavern became highly successful.In 1860 Wray brought in Charles James Ward, the son of his brother, to run the business side of the company. Ward was a dynamic and gifted entrepreneur, and under his leadership J. Wray and Nephew began a period of growth and prosperity. Wray retired in 1862 and died in 1870 leaving Ward as the sole proprietor of the business.Ward developed his heritage - a tavern and liquor-dealing concern, into one of Jamaica's largest commercial enterprises and a company that enjoyed international success. At the International Exhibition held in London in 1862, J. Wray and Nephew won three gold medals for its 10-, 15- and 25-year-old rums. The Company's rums also won several awards and prizes at international exhibitions in Paris - 1878, Amsterdam - 1883, New Orleans - 1885 and Jamaica 1891.In 1916, the Lindo Brothers & Co purchased Wray & Nephew. Almost immediately thereafter, the new company, J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., purchased the Appleton Estate - the oldest and most famous of all Jamaica's sugarcane estates.At the end of 2012, Italian spirits company Gruppo Campari purchased Wray and Nephew's owner, Lascelles deMercado.In 1997, Joy Spence was made the master blender at J. Wray and Nephew - the first ever woman to occupy this position in the industry.It is said that 90% of rum sales in Jamaica are of this famous brand, used in Jamaican rum punches, Mai Tais and daiquiris. At 63% it is comfortably the highest ABV on the drinks menu of the popular Wetherspoons chain of British pubs - as such as it has developed something of a cult status among hard-up university students. A couple of cocktails involving Wray and Nephews have achieved prominence: The 'Robert Graham' is one measure of Wray and Nephew topped up with an energy drink such as Red Bull; and the more intoxicating 'RVG' is the same, with double the rum. Another popular cocktail is 'poison' - a shot of Wray chased by a shot of Apple Sourz (Sometimes the other way round).

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