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Hustler Vodka
Hustler Vodka

Hustler Vodka

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Hustler Vodka
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Size: 750ML
Hustler Ultra Premium Vodka Hard to find in stock !This ultra-premium world-class vodka is the spirit of the world of luxury. Handcrafted in Bend, Oregon USA. It begins with all natural corn, using only the finest batch from each harvest. HUSTLER Vodka is delightfully smooth, delicious, and naturally gluten-free.The snow-capped Cascade Mountains provide us with one of the world's purest water sources. The water is naturally filtered and purified through lava rock resulting in a "very soft" water. We use only the best corn available. The corn is then blended with sugars and yeasts that ferment. It is then distilled 5 times until a 190 proof distillate is yielded.Once blended down to 80 proof, we filter HUSTLER Vodka 11 times, which removes further impurities that can cause hangovers. The whole process, from premium sourced corn to the naturally purified water, results to the perfect vodka, free from impurities.

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