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George Benham's Vodka Gin Collection
George Benham's Vodka Gin Collection

George Benham's Vodka Gin Collection

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George Benham's Vodka Gin Collection
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Size: 750ML
George Benhams Gift Set You will get the two bottles listed belowGeorge Benhams Gin 750MLGeorge Benhams Vodka 750 MLDerek George Benham first discovered gin on a summer trip during college to Spain, where he had his first real gin and tonic. It was a transformative experience and something he wanted to bring back home. He was determined that the first spirit from Graton Distilling Co. would be the gin he always dreamed of making.The taste is big, bold and still well-balanced. It touches every part of the palate. Rich, ripe juniper is well-integrated and provides the framework. Citrus and exotic fruit flavors enhance and brighten the botanicals. On the nose, theres the scent of warm cardamom, baking spices, truffle-like angelica earthiness and floral chamomile notes. On the palate, the full flavors are balanced by sweetness from star anise and creaminess from the orris root. The gin dances on the finish, with a touch of cool mint and peppery spice from the galangal and grains of paradise.Starting in our own back yard, we've looked to the best places around the globe to source the 12 components for our Gin. We've taken classic components of Juniper, Coriander, and local citrus to new heights by adding a touch of chamomile, mint and exotic warm spice elements. We carefully vapor distill each component separately to ensure it tastes the most flavorful. The result is a balanced yet bold expression of Gin that is a pleasure to drink neat and also stands up to flavorful, complex cocktails. Local mixologists call our gin cocktail perfect for its balance and versatility.George Benhams Vodka After distillation, D. George Benhams Vodka Vodka is proofed down with water from our 246-foot deep well which draws from a natural Russian River tributary. We reduce the water's naturally high mineral content through reverse osmosis, adding a bright, crisp flavor component to our vodka. We then gently filter the spirit through neutral charcoal to amplify the smooth texture of the vodka prior to bottling.Our D. George Benhams Vodka Vodka is clean and crisp, with delicate floral, fruity aromas and flavors, along with a hint of toasty spice and rich creaminess that carries through to the finish. The balanced flavor profile lends itself to a wide range of classic and contemporary cocktails.

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