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Fassbind Brandy Collection
Fassbind Brandy Collection

Fassbind Brandy Collection

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Fassbind Brandy Collection
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Size: 750ML
Fassbind Three bottle Brandy CollectionYou will receive the three bottles listed belowFassbind Rigi Kirsch Cherry brandy 750 MLFassbind Himbeergeist Raspberry Brandy 750 MLFassbind Williams Pear Brandy 750 MLThe FASSBIND distillery has always been one of the biggest and most famous distilleries in Switzerland. Since 1846 - following a long Swiss tradition - high quality noble distillates from fruits, plants, spices and herbs have been distilled here in Oberarth in the oldest distillery in Switzerland. Only the technique of distillation has been evolved and perfected through the centuries. However the principle “ to extract full-bodied yet fine and detailed aromas from the high-quality raw material by fermentation, maceration and distillation - to produce either the noble fruit Eau de Vie or Chr¼terbrand - is still the same. All our FASSBIND products are made by hand in our distillery and rest until their optimal maturity in our own historic cellars.Fassbind Rigi Kirsch Cherry brandy it all started in 1846 with the famous Rigi Kirsch. Our oldest and most traditional noble brandy is distilled according to the original recipe of the house of Fassbind and proudly bears the protected indication of origin AOP, «Appellation d'Origine Protgeu.The cherries from the region of the Rigi («the queen of the mountainsu) are selected according to strict quality criteria and are distilled twice with great dedication and care by our master distiller after the fermentation process has been completed. The cherry brandy then rests in stainless steel tanks in our historic cellar vaults for at least two years before being bottled.Fassbind Himbeergeist Raspberry Brandy the ripe Swiss raspberries from the Rigi region (named after our Rigi Mountain) are macerated for six weeks and then carefully distilled twice in our traditional and expert way by our master distiller.The raspberry spirit rests for at least two years in stainless steel tanks in our historic cellars to reach its true perfection. Our noble distillate presents itself as an extremely fruity, sparkling and fresh delicacy which is appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide as a digestive or as an ingredient for refined cocktails.Fassbind Williams Pear Brandy for this fruit brandy, only fully ripe Swiss Williams pears from the Canton of Valais region are processed when they have reached their juicy golden yellow stage.The Williams pears are carefully sorted by hand before being mashed. After the fermentation process is completed, the mash is distilled twice in our traditional expert way and then rested for a minimum of two years in stainless steel tanks in our historic cellars before being bottled.The intense, convincing fruity aroma and the superior quality of this brandy has been honoured with many awards and medals at national and international spirits competitions for many years.

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