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Drunken Sailor Irish Whiskey
Drunken Sailor Irish Whiskey

Drunken Sailor Irish Whiskey

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Drunken Sailor Irish Whiskey
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Drunken Sailor Irish WhiskeyThe Irish invented whiskey and on the backs of sailors, navy men and pirates of the British Isles. It spread it's sweet brown veins across the world. The iconic sea shanty, drunken sailor was on most of these swashbuckler's lips and was the chorus of the seas as they worked in unison on the tall ships, trawlers and steamers of the briny deep. And those men kept their mettle about them with Irish Whiskey. The Nectar of Poseidon!Drunken Sailor was founded by Hunter Vogel & Andrew Lerner whose passion for whiskey & the history behind them led down a historic path to find & deliver the most iconic whiskey in the world, Irish Whiskey. Drunken Sailor brings the old in with the new and is a brand your grandfather would appreciate but your sons & daughters will love. Drunken Sailor is an adventurers tonic with a fresh take on a classic spirit whose praise can be heard echoing throughout every Irish Pub on the planet.Double distilled in traditional copper pot stills to retain its smooth, buttery vanilla core. 60% Malt, 35%Barley & 5% Oats. Crafted at the oldest distillery in Ireland with a history dating back to 1757. Aged at least 4 years in oak & blended to perfection. Rich, smooth & satisfying.

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