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Don Pilar Tequila Blanco
Don Pilar Tequila Blanco

Don Pilar Tequila Blanco

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Don Pilar Tequila Blanco
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Don Pilar Tequila BlancoDon Pilar Blanco is an unaged tequila distilled from 100% blue Weber agave grown in the Highlands (Los Altos) region of Jalisco, harvested at 10 years. Fun fact: It's named for its distiller, Don Jos Pilar Contreras Marquez, who uses the "Mozart Method" of fermentation, playing Baroque music throughout the entire fermentation process.Distilled from 100% blue Weber agave, it is typically unaged , clear, and bottled straight after distillation. Sometimes rested in stainless steel up to 60 days and can also be aged in wood for no more than 30 days.Tasting Notes"Although this tequila is completely unaged, there is an earthy, roasted coffee bean aroma on the nose and palate. Further sips reveal vanilla, milk chocolate, stewed agave, and sweet spices. The finish provides a tart, citrus balance. "

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