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Don Pilar Tequila Anejo
Don Pilar Tequila Anejo

Don Pilar Tequila Anejo

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Don Pilar Tequila Anejo
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Don Pilar Anejo TequilaTequila Don Pilar Anejo is crafted from 100% Blue Agave which is estate grown in the magical Highlands of Jalisco. Don Jose Pilar Contreras, son of these magical lands, uses unique, artisanal methods to create this fine Tequila.Don Pilar's Agave is harvested from one of six ranches located in San Jose de Gracia. The Agaves are hand picked and harvested at their peak maturity, then cleaned and steam cooked for 24 hours in autoclaves. Don Pilar Tequila is fermented with Champagne yeast, and improved with the assistance of Baroque music during the 200 hour fermentation process. Don Pilar Tequila is double distilled in stainless steel pot stills, and then aged in lightly toasted, virgin American White Oak barrels for a minimum of twelve months. This aging process imparts a smoothness to the Tequila and enhances the essence of the Agave flavor.

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