1. Don Abraham Tequila Collection
Don Abraham Tequila
Don Abraham Tequila

Don Abraham Tequila Collection

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Don Abraham Tequila
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Size: 750ML
Don Abraham Three Bottle Tequila CollectionYou will receive the three bottles listed belowDon Abraham Extra Anejo Tequila 750 MLDon Abraham Anejo Tequila 750 MLDon Abraham Reposado Tequila 750 MLDon Abraham Organico Tequila is a 100% organic natural agave product. Elaborated in the traditional antique process, strictly controlled to obtain the best and finest quality. Don Abraham Organico uses 100% organically farmed blue agave plants that originate from one of the finest growing regions in all of Jalisco, the valley of Amatitian, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. In this beautiful valley the perfect combination of soil, weather and other natural factors produces, excellent conditions which are required to produce the finest blue agave of the highest quality. Our master growers select only the finest mature plants from our fields to be used in the making of Don Abraham Organico.Las Americas, a third generation family owned agave farm and distillery. Each agave plant is harvested at the height of ripeness, and then roasted in a clay oven adhering to traditional tequila production practices. The roasted and shredded blue agave is natural fermented and double distilled in stainless steel distilleries with only the addition of water to distill the agave to the correct alcohol content levels. There are absolutely no additives, artificial or natural, used in production.

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