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Denizen Vatted Dark Rum 100 Proof
Denizen Vatted Dark Rum 100 Proof

Denizen Vatted Dark Rum 100 Proof

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Denizen Vatted Dark Rum 100 Proof
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Size: 750ML
Denizen Vatted Dark Rum 100 ProofTasting NotesIncredibly floral aromas encapsulate tropical fruit and some earthier elements in the nose. It opens up sweet in the mouth, with brown sugar crusted peach and star fruit. Flavors of green plantain are strong throughout the baking spice flecked finish.Rum with couragePaying homage to the courageous slaves who rebelled against their British colonists in Guyana on August 18, 1823, Denizen Dark Rum embodies the liberated spirit which is the essence of our brand. Rich in history and flavor, our rum combines dark rum blended in the old vatted style originally formulated for the British Navy in the mid-18th century and rhum agricole from Martinique. Distilled from a collection of antique stills, most of the blend is produced in Guyana, home to fertile rainforests where sugar cane bursting with the intoxicating flavors of caramel, burnt sugar, and cacao grow. Fresh unaged rhum agricole has been added to provide a backbone of bright vegetal aromas yielding an exceptionally balanced spirit that will free the flavor of cocktails.

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