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Christian Brothers Sherry Wine Collection
Christian Brothers Sherry Wine Collection

Christian Brothers Sherry Wine Collection

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Christian Brothers Sherry Wine Collection
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Size: 750ML
Christian Brothers Four Bottle Wine CollectionYou will receive the four bottles listed belowChristian Brothers Dry Sherry 750 MLChristian Brothers Golden Sherry 750 MLChristian Brothers Cream Sherry 750 MLChristian Brothers Ruby Port 750 MLChristian Brothers Dry Sherry With toffee and nut flavors, and hints of persimmon, this medium-bodied sherry is an excellent accompaniement to appetizers, light soups, smoked salmon or turkey.Christian Brothers Golden Sherry Wine is a luxurious and mellow sipping wine that serves as the perfect companion to appetizers, nuts and cheeses. It refreshes the palate, while flavors of butterscotch and vanilla blend with highlights of apricot to create an exquisite medium-sweet taste.Christian Brothers Ruby Port Wine ripe and fruity, the Christian Brothers Ruby Port is an easy drinking fortified wine that is very good for marinating pears and other fruits. Youthful cherry-like flavors. Perfect with fruit tarts, fine cheeses, pound cake desserts.Christian Brothers Cream Sherry has been a popular alternative to aperitifs and after dinner wines. With its full bodied caramelized character, Cream Sherry makes a wonderful complement to chocolate and sweet desserts, or it can be enjoyed as a smooth and mellow sipping wine throughout the evening.Christian Brothers Brandy was originally produced by The Christians Brothers, the largest religious community of men devoted entirely to education worldwide. The Brothers are not priests, but laymen who dedicated themselves to living and working in a teaching congregation. The Brothers founded several schools in the United States, including Saint Marys College in Oakland and Manhattan College in New York. To this day, they continue to live their calling through teaching and educational administration.So, how did The Christian Brothers find themselves in the Brandy business?Now thats one for the history books...1882The Christian Brothers founded their first community in Martinez, CA. In their new land, they found a vineyard full of premium California grapes, which the Brothers used to make their sacramental wine.1883 - 1929As word spread of the wines excellent quality, the Brothers expanded their production to include table wine which they sold to profit their schools.1930The Brothers became among the first vintners to identify the prime vineyard land of Californias Napa Valley as a location where grapes could receive just the right amount of sunlight to ripen to their full potential.1940Seeking to build on their strong wine tradition, Brother Timothy, the cellar master, began working to utilize the fine Napa Valley grape varietals to create a new productand the Christian Brothers Brandy was born.1950As the Brothers vineyards continued to grow, they became one of the top suppliers of table wine in the U.S.1986Brother Timothy retired, and the Brothers decide to sell the Brandy & Winery operations. The Brothers retained the property in Napa Valley on which they have a retreat center where many of the Brothers still reside today.TodayChristian Brothers Brandy continues to thrive, creating Endlessly Smooth Brandy with the same time-honored copper pot still production method used for fine Cognacs, just as the Brothers first made it over 75 years ago.

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