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Buchanan's 15 Year Old Scotch
Buchanan's 15 Year Old Scotch

Buchanan's 15 Year Old Scotch

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Buchanan's 15 Year Old Scotch
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Buchanan's Select 15 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch WhiskeyThis deeply complex Scotch is a masterful blend of whiskies aged for up to 15 years.Buchanan's Select is the personal creation of Craig Wallace, Buchanan's Master Blender. This whisky is an expression of his expertise and acumen, showcasing the finest craftsmanship, by choosing the most quality whiskies. Expect a twist of peat smoke, a hint of rich fruit and a touch of smooth barley malt.On August 16, 1849, James Buchanan was born in Ontario, Canada. The son of Scottish immigrants, his family returned to the United Kingdom while Buchanan and his siblings were still children. As teenagers, Buchanan and his brother began working as grain exporters in Glasgow and at the age of thirty, James moved to London and began working as a whisky merchant.While in London, Buchanan quickly realized that there was an untapped English demand for blended Scotch whisky and opened the doors to James Buchanan & Co. Today, Buchanan's company represents one of the oldest and most prestigious whisky blenders in the world (in 1898, Buchanan was given the Royal Warrant, which allowed him to supply Buchanan's Whisky to Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales).

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