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Broken Barrel Mizunara Whiskey Infuse Spirits
Broken Barrel Mizunara Whiskey Infuse Spirits

Broken Barrel Mizunara Whiskey Infuse Spirits

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Broken Barrel Mizunara Whiskey Infuse Spirits
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Size: 750ML
Infuse Spirits Broken Barrel Mizunara WhiskeyBroken Barrel Mizunara is a true tale of East meets West. This artisanal whiskey blends American corn with Japanese mizunara oak staves. Both are matured together for a rare yet balanced combination.Mizunara, literally translates to water oak. This oak has become increasingly popular with the global growth of whiskey, and the majority of this oak is now sourced from Mongolia. It has a high moisture content and is much more porous than other commonly used oaks for barrel making. Making barrels out of Mizunara is quite challenging according to many coopers, as the porous properties of the casks are prone to leaking.Our whiskey, as a result of using this most interesting oak for our Oak Bill resulted in a rich, harmonious blend that is both quintessentially American in sweetness and character, while still notably Japanese-styled in its mellow smooth finish. Broken Barrel Mizunara Whiskey is exceptionally flavorful and unforgettably clean tasting - a whiskey meant to be sipped, savored, and most importantly - shared.We deliver one-of-a-kind collaborations by maturing American whiskey with rare oak from around the world. Weve sourced our whiskey for these bottles from Kentucky and Indiana, and married each blend with oak barrel staves from all around the world: Japan for rare Mizunara oak Each barrel gives the whiskey a unique, rich, and complex taste and character not commonly found in American whiskey. Additionally, unlike Broken Barrel Whiskeys core bourbon and rye, the Single Oak Series bases are all blends: Mizunara is a blend of five-year-old Kentucky and four-year-old Indiana corn whiskeys The result is a synthesis nowhere to be found with traditional whiskey.

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