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OL Major Bacon Bourbon Whiskey
OL Major Bacon Bourbon Whiskey

OL Major Bacon Bourbon Whiskey

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OL Major Bacon Bourbon Whiskey
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Size: 750ML
OL Major Bacon Bourbon WhiskeyBacon and Bourbon are two of Americas greatest assets. We see no reason why they must remain separate. Like Apple and Pie, some things are just meant to go together. Introducing the first of its kind: Ol Major Bacon Infused Bourbon.Ol Major is a combination of Gold Medal Award Winning Bourbon and real, USDA approved bacon. Through a proprietary process of pressure infusion and step filtration, Ol Major Bacon Bourbon is the perfect marriage of its core ingredients.Ol Major has a bouquet of crisp bacon and honey. The taste profile is both savory and sweet, with hints of sea salt and bacon giving way to a brown sugar and maple bourbon finish. Enjoy Ol Major straight up or in a delicious cocktail, like a Bacon Old Fashioned or a Bacon Bourbon Bloody Mary.This country was founded by those who dare to be bold. Ol Major Bacon Bourbon (Formerly Bacon Bourbon USA) takes two of Americas greatest assets and challenges the boundaries of their potential by fusing them in the worlds first and original bottled bacon bourbon.The mixture has been called both crazy and delicious, but those with taste buds agree that the bacon and bourbon form a delicate, but rugged balance of savory and sweet.

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