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Asbach Spezial Brand Aged 15 Years Brandy
Asbach Spezial Brand Aged 15 Years Brandy

Asbach 15 Year Old Brandy

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Asbach Spezial Brand Aged 15 Years Brandy
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Size: 750ML
Asbach Spezial-Brand Aged 15 Years BrandyParticularly carefully selected distillates from best vineyards and at least 15 years of storage in limousine oak barrels are the basis for the Asbach special brand aged 15 years. It impresses with a perfect balance between an elegant style and noble harmony with the rich aromas and the characteristic power of especially old distillates.COLOURlike dark gold with redsFRAGRANCEmarked by jasmine, supported by notes of citrus and vanilla as well as hints of green apple; a flower typePALATEelegant, fresh, vinous and soft, rounded off by a light sweetness and a barely perceptible bitter noteECHOvery long, exceptionally mild with noble maturityProduct of Germany

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