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Argonaut Brandy Collection
Argonaut Brandy Collection

Argonaut Brandy Collection

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Argonaut Brandy Collection
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Size: 750ML
Argonaut Two Bottle Brandy CollectionYou will Receive the two bottles listed belowArgonaut Fat Thumb Brandy 750 MLArgonaut Speculator Brandy 750 MLAt Argonaut, we believe California brandy is ready to rank alongside the worlds most acclaimed spirits. Exceptional brandy starts with exceptional grapes. We source from our own vineyards and from growers weve worked with for generations. We use our 80-plus years of California vineyard expertise to pick grapes at their optimal ripeness for distillation with the ideal balance of acid and sugars for peak brandy flavors.Argonaut is the rare brandy that combines both Alembic and Coffey distilling. We use 20 copper, Alembic pot stills made by renowned manufacturer Robert Prulho of Cognac, France. The centuries-old method of double distillation in an Alembic pot still is a more labor intensive process than distillation in a continuous still, but its one that produces spirits of exceptional smoothness and balance. Alembic pot distilled brandies are prized for their roundness on the palate and layered aromatic expression.We also use Coffey stills which allow to distill very quickly after fermentation to capture the freshest character of the wine. The Coffey distillation allows us to zero in on the notes and peak fruit flavors we prefer. The Alembic gives us a luscious mouthfeel and balance. The resulting marriage of these two different distillates is a fuller, very complex and balanced brandy.Our Head Distiller Rita Hansen blends from more than 100 premium brandy lots, selecting an array of ages, grape varieties, barrel sources and distillations to create the depth, complex characteristics and unique flavors in our brandies.

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